CELLTEX Hygiene s.r.o.

Company CELLTEX Hygiene s.r.o. was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of CELLTEX s.r.o., based in Moyzesova 57, 900 28 Ivanka pri Dunaji.

Its business activity includes manufacture of light incontinence products, feminine sanitary towels and baby diapers. Company's aim is to implement inovative manufacturing technology, ensure a sustainable development of the company, production and product quality growth, and diversification on the new markets. The sales activities of CELLTEX Hygiene products are executed through the parent company CELLTEX s.r.o.

At present, CELLTEX Hygiene s.r.o. operates its production activities in the new production plant located in the industrial zone of Rožňava on modern production lines equipped with inovative manufacturing technology. The machinery is capable of producing all types of feminine sanitary towels and, therefore, satisfy customers requiring all categories of feminine hygiene. The new-technology production lines of sanitary towels are capable of manufacturing sanitary towels according to specific requirements of light incontinence and also standard cellulose, anatomic, wings, ultra-thin in all modifications, folded and individually wrapped, or even cellulose and airlaid panty liners based on market demands.

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In May 2013, a production line equipped with a state-of-art technology for baby hygiene production was installed. The modern production line enables to produce modern types of baby diapers in the highest quality, which is guaranteed by the extra absorbent 3D core characterized by high absorption capacity. By combining the inovative technology and high-quality materials from reputable European and global producers, their parameters achieve quality comparable with global leaders in baby diapers production. Baby diapers are produced in standard consumer sizes from the highest quality and harmless raw materials in a modern and ecological design and processing adjusted for maximum baby comfort. Besides the own label, the company also manufactures private labels for Slovak retail chains and customers with own parameter requirements for foreign markets. The quality of all products is monitored, continuously measured and tested throughout the whole manufacturing process.

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  • A vata®
  • Big Soft®
  • Cellsan Incontinence®
  • Okey Pamela®
  • Pamela®
  • Pamela Light Incontinence®

Significant share of CELLTEX Hygiene s.r.o. production is represented by private labels of sanitary towels, baby diapers and other products, manufactured for retail chains in all European  countries and others, including HR, BY, UA, KZ...