About incontinence

Incontinence is a disorder of conscious control over urine and faeces. Although, some degrees of incontinence are temporary, in majority cases are their effects dependent upon the current state of health of the individual. Incontinence occurs twice as often in women than in men, which is related to factors such as women in pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, cystitis, sedentary jobs and others.
Both sexes may be threatened by the unconscious neurological disorder after trauma, congenital defects, after a stroke or physical problems associated with ageing. The beggining phase of incontinence is not always affected only by the age. In women the incontinence issues occur in majority cases due to the problems with muscles helping to retain or release urine. Problems with urinary incontinence occur when the bladder muscles start moving suddenly or muscles surrounding the urethra are suddenly released.
People with incontinence often feel embarrassed, cease to live actively and are not willing to talk about their problem. They isolate from their social environment, friends and family, and due to their inner feelings are trying to hide this problem as long as possible. Often, women are not willing to talk about their problems even in case of light form of incontinence,  until they decide to visit a specialist.

CELLTEX s.r.o. provides many solutions, whether in light, moderate or heavy form of incontinence.

The Slovak manufacturing company CELLTEX s.r.o. has started as the first to manufacture and supply medical products in the line of sanitary towels, which meet the highest quality and absorbency, to commercial retail networks sellable without medical prescription.
Products are packed in a discreet packaging under the brand name Pamela Light Incontinence. These sanitary towels have special materials providing odours absorbtion, which ensure a several times higher absorption capacity than conventional kinds of women's sanitary napkins and therefore guarantee freshness for several hours. They provide everyday maximum protection for light form of incontinence or stronger menstruation.

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The products for moderate and heavy forms of incontinence are available in the retail stores under the brand Cellsan Incontinence. The anatomically shaped diaper pants with high absorption 3D core with superabsorbent provide maximum safety and protection. Alongside the adult diapers, Cellsan underpads ensure a perfect protection of bed, sofa, chair or hospital bed for patients with incontinence. 

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The assortment of medical devices SANETE is available either as an over the counter (OTC) or prescription-based product fully reimbursed by health insurance in the pharmacy chains and dispensaries of medical aids. Here, the patient has a possibility to combine the absorption devices within the financial limit of diagnosed degree of incontinence. The medical devices SANETE provide the maximum feeling of comfort and safety. The scale of various types and sizes prevent a leakege of fluids and proctect the patient's underwear or linens. For an overview of medical devices reimbursed by health insurance click here.

Recommended exercises for incontinence

Early treatment of incontinence is quite successful and by regular and appropriate exercise and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles is a preventable

Kegel method - has 4 phases : visualization , relaxation , isolation and strengthening

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