Discreet solution

Our light incontinence pads have special materials, which ensure a several times higher absorption capacity than conventional kinds of feminine sanitary napkins and therefore guarantee freshness for several hours.

They provide discreet solution thank to their anatomical shape, odour absorption, adhesive tapes stability and elastic leg cuffs protection against fluid leakage.

Available in different sizes and many degrees of absorbing capacity.

  • Comfort and discretion
  • Satin soft feel
  • Fully breathable backsheet
  • Odor control - rapid neutralisation of unpleasant smell
  • Super absorbing and dry surface
  • Elastic barrier cuffs provide leakage protection
  • Latex-free and chlorine free
Light incontinence pads contain Odor Control, which eliminates the decomposition of the causes of odor and effectively neutralizes it within a few seconds.
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