Our products not only uphold the day-to-day health of babies and women throughout the world, they are produced with commitment to minimize disruption to the environment.

Our manufacturing process considers the entire life cycle of the product—from the selection of raw materials, to optimized transportation, through disposal and recycling of more than 90% of our production waste. Above all, our operations run on 100% green energy.

Smart production

Modern state-of-art machines and equipment allows Celltex to minimise waste and carry out production with efficient energy use. We’ve perfected our production practices to recycle up to 90% of all waste at any point in the process. The production waste is collected and sold to local recycling companies to be later converted into a new products.

100% green energy
Our products enter the world on a wave of 100% certified green renewable energy. We diligently eliminate carbon emissions to deliver our products in a system engineered for the future and the health of the planet.

Sustainable materials

Celltex continue to test and develop products with new sustainable and biodegradable components and bioplastics, which are based on renewable resources. All our products are marked with PEFC logo (registration no. PEFC/23-31-08), which reliably ensures that the raw material used in manufacture process were sourced from forests managed in a sustainable manner.

Additionally, our line of BIO products is produced with certified 100% organic cotton only for supreme comfort and maximum biodegradability.

Why organic cotton?
  • The natural fibres of pure cotton are lab-tested and proven ‘non-irritants’—hypoallergenic material that helps to prevent itching, irritations and allergies.
  • It is breathable and retains the flow while allowing air to pass through its fibres.
  • It ensures an optimal level of interior humidity.
  • It is compatible with the human body’s physiological pH levels.
  • It is entirely soft and pleasant upon the skin.
Paper instead of plastic

Biodegradable – Recyclable – Sustainable

This plastic-less manufacturing approach is a concentrated move toward environmental sustainability—rare in the market, particularly for baby hygiene.

Support of Social Organizations

Celltex works to assist disadvantaged groups by employing people with both disabilities and pronounced health limitations. Celltex adamantly participates in local and international humanitarian efforts by supplying our products to relevant charities.

Our company recognises that our products are classified as essential needs, we are well aware that not all children grow up in complete families with the ability to provide for these basics. By providing complimentary access to these resources, we know we are supporting families and promoting happy and healthy lives. We cooperate with local charity associations ”Viac Ako”, founded to help underserved families, families with special needs children, and families in Spišská Belá.